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Recruitment resources collection

A collection of recruitment materials and resources.

Document type: Leaflet/booklet

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ID Document type Title Publication date
2014/01056 Leaflet/booklet Early years recruitment leaflet 07 July 2017
2012/00795 Leaflet/booklet How does Prospect benefit me as a young professional? 01 June 2016
2010/00849 Leaflet/booklet Have you ever wondered why people join a trade union? 24 May 2016
2015/00131 Leaflet/booklet Member recruit member, leaflet for members in energy sector, updated 2019 27 January 2015
2015/00130 Leaflet/booklet Member recruit member, general leaflet and application form 27 January 2015
2013/01724 Leaflet/booklet I’m a Prospect member – ask me how to join 09 December 2013
2010/00848 Leaflet/booklet I'm on a personal contract. Can the union protect me? 01 June 2010